Pistol Caliber Carbine

One of the hottest trends in current USPSA Action Shooting events is the number of competitors trying out the recently-added Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Division. The new division allows rifles chambered in a pistol caliber allowed per USPSA rules (9mm, .357 SIG, .40 SW, 10mm, .45 ACP). It might seem odd to envision competitors shooting rifles in a pistol competition, but once you become more familiar with the specifics you’ll see this new addition to USPSA can be a ton of fun and adds a new dimension and challenge for many shooters!


PCC appeals to both experienced and new USPSA competitors for various reasons. For a competitor who has been shooting USPSA events for some time, PCC offers a new experience and challenge, as many of the techniques honed through years of handgun training need to be relearned when shooting a PCC. For new competitors, some may choose to start with PCC rather than a handgun division, either due to physical limitations or just because it’s fun! Optics are allowed on PCC’s in USPSA competition, so those with vision issues using iron pistol sights may find PCC an ideal way to “stay in the game”!


Due to the physical properties of a rifle vs. a handgun, several of the procedures used in USPSA events must be modified when shooting a PCC. Typical regulations related to holstering and transporting a handgun cannot be applied to a PCC as there is no holster! Therefore, rules have been adopted by the USPSA related to this, and specific procedures have been put in place by the SFPS, to make PCC competition safe and efficient.

Please read the rules and procedures in this PDF file at USPSA

If you’re excited to give PCC a try, whether you’re an experienced or new USPSA competitor, DO IT!