What division should I sign up for?

It depends heavily on what gun and ammo you will be shooting, as each division has equipment requirements. Divisions are the sub-categories of shooters who are competing against each other at the matches. The purpose of the Divisions is to have shooters with comparable equipment competing against each other. At the matches people are grouped into shooting Squads (the group that travels from stage-to-stage together for the whole match), but shooters do not need to be shooting in the same Division to be squadded together. Division is really just used for scoring purposes. The main divisions you’ll see at USPSA matches are:

  • Single-Stack (Major or Minor Power Factor)
  • Production (Minor Power Factor only)
  • Limited-10 (Major or Minor Power Factor)
  • Limited (Major or Minor Power Factor)
  • Open (Major or Minor Power Factor)
  • PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine - Minor Power Factor only)
  • Carry Optics (Major or Minor Power Factor)


At the local club matches, by far the most popular divisions are Production and Limited. PCC has gained popularity, and is probably #3 right now. Production requires a USPSA-specified Production-approved handgun to compete, the list can be found on the USPSA.org web site. There are also several other divisional differences and equipment requirements/limitations. All of those rules can be found on the USPSA.org web site. If you’re not sure which division you want to shoot, feel free to ask for assistance and we can help you pick.