What do I need for equipment?

As far as equipment, If you have a center-fire pistol, you can use that for ANY of the matches, and it’s the most common gun you’ll find at a match. Recently there have been additions for Pistol-Caliber Carbines also, so if you have a 9mm rifle for example you can shoot that at any of the matches as well. For USPSA you’ll need a holster for your centerfire pistol, and extra magazines, plus magazine pouches to hold them on your belt. A common “competition” set up for USPSA is a special velcro 2-piece belt, with a holster and magazine pouches mounted to it. These are nice because they’re configurable and adjustable for different competitive divisions, etc. But for your first match, even just the "minimal" equipment will get the job done, if you need help deciding on anything equipment related just Contact Us.